How to get good leads from Facebook Leads Advertising Option

Facebook has recently launched a fantastic medium to advertise and capture leads for your business. It now allows the Advertiser to collect host of information including Name, Email id and Phone Number etc. which are actionable. To be Honest all the Previous online ads were more of impressions, reach, taking your customer to website, which were all good but there was no way to authenticate a true customer from a not so keen “ I will also click and see” customer.
For us to get good leads here are some good reference points
1)     Make Your Image Speak. Images have the power to communicate what words cannot. A offer coupled with a good image would get in customers filling the data sheet.
2)     Couple with Clever Offers: Acquiring customers is not a trick when you incentivize them for a particular action. If a customer is sure about that he would be treated differently if he fills the form results in positive flow of Lead.
3)     Avoid bragging about your products: One of the common mistakes that Digital Advertisers make is brag too much in the lead form. While details about your products and services are important, the place for that is not in the lead form. A lead form should induce your prospective customer to fill in the details and for that to happen simple effective communication will do the trick.
4)     Good Call to Action : As in any other modes of communication, a good call to action results in better leads. Facebook has numerous call to actions for advertisers to choose basis their requirement.
In summation, for the first time we are getting access to personal details of a probable consumer and this if used effectively would reduce clutter and spillage in Digital Advertising and prove to be a Successful weapon to acquire customers.